Workforce & Education

Central Wisconsin is home to hard work, personal responsibility,
and powerful productivity

Wood County, Wisconsin and the adjacent areas were originally settled by people who viewed consistent hard work as a moral imperative. They worked by hand to transform prairies and meadows into richly productive agricultural land. The generations that followed inherited their attitudes and made use of technology to accomplish more with less. It’s how our communities became a major center for agriculture, food processing, technology and manufacturing. Educational institutions and collaborative partners have played a key role in encouraging this kind of organic economic development.

You will find that same spirit in the more than 34,500 workers in Wood County as well as 415,000 workers who live within a 75-mile commute of our businesses.

These attitudes are renewed and embraced in our community schools. Local K-12 districts, ranked among the most effective in Wisconsin, are ensuring that students are ready for opportunities in fields such as advanced manufacturing, computer maintenance, technology, healthcare, metal fabrication and welding, wood carpentry, petroleum based production, and engineering of various types.

Many projects are having a positive impact in our education system. Mid-State Technical College and local campuses of state universities support workforce development with challenging programs such as computer science, telecommunications, nursing, biofuels, biomass, and agriculture are common.

Incourage’s Manufacturing CEO Peer Council has been meeting the needs of employers and workers since 2009.  The Peer Council is a local peer to peer network of manufacturing chief executives, facilitated by Workforce Central facilitators with extensive manufacturing experience.  Members leverage their combined industry expertise and strategic leadership to develop solutions to shared workforce

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