Target Industries

Wood County, Wisconsin and adjacent area offers a remarkable combination of rich natural resources, a large and motivated workforce, and a highly efficient transportation network. That combination makes our area a natural choice for many industries, and particularly ideal for companies involved in distribution, food processing, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing.

Wood County and the surrounding region continue to enhance and build upon its innovation based technology sector. Our track record is impressive, with existing leaders in the sector, including Renaissance Learning and Skyward, being locally started and grown. The proximity to major educational institutions like the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, University of Wisconsin Madison, and Mid-State Technical College combined with the extensive presence of advanced data connectivity through Solarus provides a unique location that is attractive to employers. The availability of talent and the low cost of living only increase the advantages and the ability of the region to support growth in the technology field.

Between the excellent access to transportation (including mainline rail), the abundance of utilities, and a workforce with a long history of making high-quality products, our area is growing as an affordable center for manufacturing. Our seven development-ready industrial parks and open land adjacent to major roads provides excellent sites for manufacturers serving such industries as auto components, truck and tractor manufacturers, and others.

One of our area’s greatest resources is its unending supply of clear, fresh water. That, combined with rich agricultural land, is what drew food processors like Ocean Spray and Mariani Packing to locate major facilities here. We’re also at the center of thousands of acres of agricultural inputs, including dairy, corn, vegetables, beef cattle, and more. Wisconsin is also recognized nationally for producing top-quality cheese, beer, bratwurst, and other German-style foods.

Wood County and adjacent area have become regional leaders in health care, with facilities and professionals serving a wide area of Wisconsin. As our population grows, the demand for quick and easy access to high-quality health care has increased dramatically. Health care providers have been flocking to the area and finding great success in our growing communities. We’re also seeing significant development of senior care facilities.

Our area’s efficient network of Interstate highways and Interstate-quality state roads, plus a Canadian National Railway mainline, positions Central Wisconsin as a highly practical and affordable location for distribution facilities serving the upper Midwest and southern Canada. With seven business parks full of development-ready land and plenty of open acreage, we can accommodate facilities of any size and configuration.

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