Central Wisconsin’s utilities have the capacity to serve you today. And tomorrow.

Wood County, Wisconsin and adjacent area have a proven history at stepping up to meet the needs of business, and that’s particularly true when it comes to providing utility capacity. Our communities are served by forward-thinking utility providers that are focused on meeting today’s needs and planning for tomorrow’s.

That’s important, because we already serve industries that have significant needs for affordable, reliable utilities. Take water as an example. Two of our largest local employers are Ocean Spray and Mariani Packing Company, and preparing locally grown produce for global markets requires significant volumes of fresh, clean water. Both companies have been here for years, and our utility providers have been able to ensure that they have room to grow. The same is true for the other end, with plenty of state-of-the-art wastewater facilities to protect this critical natural resource.

Local electric power providers deliver reliable supplies at up to 60 megawatts, and telecom and fiber companies offer up to a full gig of service. Our area’s natural gas utility is also up to the challenges of large users, with a well-planned infrastructure designed to support development.

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