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Wood County area is at the heart of everything Wisconsin has to offer

Wood County, Wisconsin and adjacent area offer businesses an outstanding location that’s roughly midway between Milwaukee and Minneapolis. That means we’re right in the heart of Wisconsin’s dairy producers and food crops, making us an ideal location for food production, processing and distribution, as well as a prime location for manufacturing and technology.

While our area has a definite rural and small-town vibe, we’re by no means isolated. An efficient, well-maintained network of Interstate highways and Interstate-quality state roads connects our communities with the MidweMaps Button-4st, the nation, and the world. Add in the convenience of a Canadian National Railway mainline and proximity to both river and ocean-going ports, and companies have the speed and flexibility they need to transport both raw materials and finished goods to markets all over the globe. Airline and air cargo service is also available locally, with extensive international service just two and a half hours away in Minneapolis.

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